Root Canal Treatment In Kochi

Root canal treatment or RCT is done to Save Natural teeth.

Welcome to the world of Dr. Nevin's Family Dental Clinic in Kochi A complete Dental health Care in Kochi. RCT is a treatment to repair and save a badly destructed or decayed tooth. The procedure consists of eradicating the infected and damaged section of the tooth (the pulp), then cleaning and disinfecting it with chelating agents, irrigants, and then filling and sealing it. The usual causes affecting the pulp are dental caries, cracked teeth, multiple dental treatments to the tooth, or trauma. The term "root canal" comes from cleaning and disinfecting of the canals present inside the tooth's root.

A cavity in the tooth leaves an area through which bacteria can enter and multiply. If the area is left unattended without any treatment, then bacteria will cause infections and form periodontal pockets or dental abscesses filled with pus may result in severe pain and swelling spreading to other parts of the face or head. Serious dental infections can cause bone loss around the tip of the tooth's roots.